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Amborion Consulting

Amborion Consulting

About Us

We’re your go-to, one-stop brand for your human resource need.

Amborion Consulting is a subsidiary of global award-winning brand, Amborion Media Global which won the Global Entrepreneurship Awards in Nigeria and the finalist Award in Washington DC, USA in 2015. Our track record has remained impeccable in delivering top quality service to our clients around the World.

Amborion Consulting is your go-to, one-stop brand for your human resource need, talent acquisition, development and retention. We pride ourselves in being an enviable solutions-provider with vast experience across the fields of education, hospitality, technology, media, business, finance and production.

Our Industries

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Research & Development

Manufacturing & Industrial

Food Science & Technology

Digital, Media & Marketing

Food & Beverages

Hospitality & Tourism

Information Technology

Logistics & Supply Chain

Sales & Retail

Oil & Gas

Our Clients